DoFinance is providing a breakthrough opportunity for any individual to engage into the world of financial investment. If previously this was a privilege of finance savvy professionals, these days, with the help of DoFinance it is accessible to anyone. Investment is an extremely exciting way of generating income if done properly.

It is very important to note, however, that as any financial investment, certain risks must be considered. We encourage all of our investors to be aware and assume all risks associated with financial investment and always diversify investments among different risk classes. DoFinance is giving an opportunity to invest into products backed by consumer loans. The main risks associated with these investments are: credit default risk of borrowers, market, regulatory, currency risks, and financial risks of the service providers. Below is the description of these and an explanation how DoFinance is mitigating them.

Credit Default risk


The risk of borrower not repaying the loan


Loan originator of DoFinance is having a state of the art scoring model that is monitoring borrower behaviour in real time. The scorecard is already adjusted for big fluctuations impacted by pandemic. Investment tool is not allowing the investor to expose himself to the risk of just one final borrower.

Market and regulatory risk


The risk of economic recession affecting the value of investments made by investors including sudden changes in regulations, severe currency fluctuations


DoFinance team is constantly monitoring the economic situation in the markets that it is operating. Monitoring results are presented in DoFinance blog on a monthly basis. In case of any extraordinary events the reports will be published immediately. Investors are encouraged to frequently follow that information and other information sources in parallel. Investments are accepted in EUR currency and Loan Originator is assuming currency risk. Right now however, the currencies in Asia are at their historically lowest levels so investments can actually appreciate and the currency volatility has not been too high due to that fact that most Asian currencies are dependant or even pegged to USD. Dofinance allows investment into loans that are originated in regulated market where Loan Originator has all necessary permissions.

Financial risks of investment platform


The risk of borrowerd delaying scheduled payments


DoFinance is monitoring and Loan Originator is applying penalties for delays to stimulate the debtors to make payments in time. The loans are issued for a period of up to 30 days, so the risk of delay is not substantial and can be recognized immediately.


The risk that platform experience financial difficulties or goes out of business


All of the investments are backed by actual loans issued to end borrowers. In case DoFinance ceases to exist, the Investors portfolio will be still serviced by Loan Originator or debt collection agencies and respective money will be transferred through to the Investors' accounts. Since DoFinance is an intermediary who is not taking any financial risks, it is highly unlikely that it would cease to exist. Consequently, it will make sure that there is a manager of outstanding loan portfolios of Loan Originators.

Loan originator company risk


The risk of a Loan Originator company experiencing problems or goes out of business


In case Loan Originator ceases to exist, the Investors portfolio will be passed over and serviced by debt collection agencies and respective money will be transferred through DoFinance accounts to the Investors respective account. Nevertheless, DoFinance is monitoring the financial stability of its loan originator on a weekly basis.

How DoFinance Protects Your Personal Data

The security of your information and private data (as well as investment risk reduction) is one of our top priorities. DoFinance deploys organized data storage in accordance with the highest security standards and relevant Latvian legislation. Personal data of each investor is requested not more and not less to meet the relevant legislation requirements and to prevent any fraudulent activities that keep both parties safe. Dofinance registration process includes an identity verification process during which each new investor is being reviewed separately by our DoFinance team

DoFinance keeps each investor up to date regarding the status of investment plans, each cession, profits and other. Emails of main profile figures are sent to investors on a daily basis, together with payout request confirmations (one such is made), added funds and completed investments, etc. In addition, investors are being informed of the main milestones of the company on our Blog, in which we disclose information regarding products, Loan Originator market status, upcoming webinars, portfolio updates and other relevant information at the time being.

Compliance To Financial Markets

DoFinance employs AML and Compliance specialists to make sure that it is not engaged in any illegal activities. Investors may be asked to provide proof of origin of their funds in order to comply with the MiFID of the EU as well as follow the recommendations of the regional Financial Supervisory Agency.

DoFinance Security Fund

DoFinance security fund is imposed on all investments invested in program DoFinance Secure®.

Whenever an investor invests any amount of EUR in the program DoFinance Secure® for one year, Dofinance from their own resources will place 5% in the security fund supervised by an independent sworn auditor.

DoFinance Secure® is accumulating and the further in the future, the bigger the investment fund will grow in proportion to Investors funds. For investments made for shorter periods, Dofinance investment will be adjusted accordingly.

The investment fund is accumulating, because none of the placed funds are withdrawn and will accumulate until at least 50% of total active investments are covered by DoFinance Secure® fund.

DoFinance will publish a report by sworn auditor approving the balance of the security account once every month and the report will be published in the blog